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With a career spanning over two decades, Rick has worked with everyday people, world class athletes, Hollywood movie stars and producers and leading industry experts. Read below to see what they have to say about Rick, and be sure to know that Rick is a world class coach and knows what it takes to get you the results you need through a personalised approach fully customised to you! To choose a fitness package and get Rick as your coach, click here.

Adam Demos

I first started training with Rick when I landed in Gold Coast to film a movie for Netflix called A PERFECT PAIRING. I had been traveling a fair bit and wasn’t in the best of shape and I didn’t have much time to work with. Thankfully Rick was highly recommended to me because of the  experience and knowledge he has over an extremely, successful career we were able to reach a physical transformation for the role that I was over the moon with. Especially considering the limit time we had. The sessions were intense yet calculated around what shape we wanted to achieve and also safe, so to prevent any injuries. Some of the smartest and most incredible sessions I’ve ever done - the man is a genius. He also looked after my nutrition which played a huge part in getting to where I wanted and beyond. Having Rick look after the training and nutrition allowed me to then feel extremely relaxed and comfortable on set and then just focus on the work.

On top of that what followed was a new found enthusiasm and passion for training based on what he teaches me and lessons that I have continued to embrace. Most importantly Rick himself is a great bloke who really cares about his clients and it was always an amazing time to get to spend together training and chatting. Can’t wait to get back and work on the next movie together.

Adam Demos

Being an elite performer with Ray White Real Estate my days are long and I am in a very fast paced industry with large amounts of pressure and stress. I wanted to make sure I was in a healthy state both mentally and physically

To grow my business and be a top performer with Ray White. I googled many personal trainers but after reading about Rick Brennan I immediately knew I had the right person.

I have been working with Rick for 12 months now, his knowledge on nutrition and the right training regimes for me have proven to be fantastic. His overall knowledge is second to none. Rick, thank you so much for helping me achieve my goals you are amazing and a nice guy to boot.

Stuart R

I’ve struggled with my weight since having a daughter back in 2006 and expanded as big as a size 24.
Thought my weight was normal until a doctor advised I was in the obese range and I was at risk of diabetes if I don’t change.

My weight was constantly up and down like a yoyo.  I’ve tried every diet under the sun, different weight loss products.  I’ve found they worked in the short term to get a quick result however I ended up doubling the weight back on after coming off the program…(Which made me worse then what I was when I started).

I wanted a shortcut to results! I watched You Tube clips, read random articles/programs that had worked for others…Listened to what different people had tried, taken (bro-science answers). I was overloaded with information… I failed many times again and again.

I tried random classes and did occasional cardio training hoping for the best.  After almost a year with no result I was frustrated and wanted results!!! I chose Rick to help me! Best decision I ever made, should have asked for his help sooner! I realize since training with Rick that I can’t cheat to get results. I’ve followed both his nutrition plan and functional training plan which have helped me achieve unbelievable results in such a quick timeframe. By following the program he’s tailored for me I’ve never plateaued!I love the training sessions; no session is ever the same! Highly recommended!


Turning 50 I knew it was time to start looking after myself so with the guidance of Rick by my side I set about finding a new healthier version of myself. I dropped well over 10kgs in the first few months training with Rick and following his calorie controlled nutrition plans which has allowed me to still live my busy lifestyle and achieve lifestyle fitness goals and never look back. As a busy property developer in the past I have neglected myself in pursuit of business success but as Rick has taught me it’s all about finding a life balance


From my initial consultation, Rick put me at ease with his relaxed yet professional nature. His knowledge of injury, rehabilitation, fitness and conditioning is second to none. Rick put me back on track strengthening my core and improving my posture as well as my physique. I would not hesitate to recommend Rick to anyone, young or old, fit or to those looking to start a new regime. He is a true guru


I have trained regularly with Rick for more than seven years now. As a solicitor with a busy legal practice, I find that it is important to have a trainer who understands my needs, and can accommodate my hectic schedule.

The benefit of having a trainer like Rick is that he has understood my needs as they have evolved.  From time to time that might be simply having regular encouragement to maintain my levels of exercise and fitness.  What is particularly great about Rick is that he is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to diet, supplements, training, and general fitness.  He is easy to talk to, and he adapts his advice to meet the specific requirements of the client.

Apart from anything else, Rick is punctual, professional and knowledgeable.  I couldn't recommend a trainer more highly.

Derek C
What I like most is that Rick actually listens to me. He understands what I want to achieve from not only my workouts but also realises my ultimate goals, and then personalises the programs to suit me and my progress. Whether it’s one on one boxing, weight training or HIIT he challenges me, both physically and mentally and best of all knows my potential, pushing me beyond what I think I can do. Every training session hurts, and is exhausting but personable enough to have a laugh or a whinge! Rick has certainly taken my training, and consequently my fitness and body shape to the next level.
I can honestly say that without his extensive knowledge, experience and application I could never have reached such results.
Gail M

For the past 2 years I have been trying to lose fat and achieve the look I desire. As a result I’ve tried many online trainers. Unfortunately, haven’t got anything I wasn’t losing anything and my body shape didn’t change. No one out there was able to help me especially with my asthma and the ongoing cortisone treatment. Until one day my friend advised me to reach for Rick. I was never happy like now. He provided the best possible online training and nutrition guidance I can ever imagine. He is very caring and there whenever is needed. I started to see improvement in my overall health and getting in shape. I am seeing muscle definition I never thought I would have. Words can never pay him off. Am actually speechless. One phrase of appreciation: thanks millions.


Thank you for getting me in the best shape of my life! Your involvement into helping me achieve my goal of entering a body building contest was second to none! You gave me the confidence and saw potential in me that I never knew I had!

You have not only changed my life with training & dietary requirements for a specific physique but also helped me become a healthier person in general through your extensive knowledge.

The achievement of winning a Southern Hemisphere championship I never expected and the success & confidence I obtained from that has streamed into other areas of my life bringing great success in business, property development, networking & relationships.

Thankyou my friend for changing my life!

Mark W

I am a former Mr Tasmania, Mr Australia Overall Bodybuilding Champion as well as top 5 placed Mr Universe competitor. Rick Brennan played a huge role in my success, helping me with not only training and nutrition for my preparations in 2005 through to 2007 but also motivated me through the entire process by offering his personal thoughts on my journey through his extensive personal experience. 

Rick Brennan is an unbelievable personal trainer and coach and I would recommend him very highly to anyone wanting to rise to the top of their field, whether it be bodybuilding, fitness, weight loss or general health and happiness. 

Darran P

Working in a high pressure Corporate Industry I found over the year’s gradual weight gain and lower back issues from long hours behind a computer.

My back issues were compounded by a car accident several years ago. I decided to join a local gym to try and improve my fitness and loose some of the unwanted kilos. After a few years, I realised that I was not really getting anywhere! I had no real direction with my gym work outs and had no real understanding of nutrition.

I had always avoided personal trainers as I was concerned about my back injury. There was a particular lady who worked at my gym and I asked her what she was doing to achieve her amazing body transformation.

She mentioned that she had started seeing a personal trainer by the name of Rick Brennan who tailored individual programmes. I mentioned that I was nervous to take this first step and had concerns about my back problems. She assured me Rick was very approachable and had the ability to help me.

After much hesitation I contacted Rick and from our first meeting he gave me the confidence to trust in his experience and recommendations for a training and nutrition programme. I credit Rick for helping me change my body shape and his ability to tailor exercises around my back issues which are now almost non-existent. My only regret is that I did not contact Rick sooner!! Much Appreciation

Tandi M

Rick is quite simply the best personal trainer I have ever trained with. I have spent 5 months training with Rick and during this time I have been able to lose weight and decrease my body fat percentage while at the same time increase muscle mass. I am currently in the best shape of my life so far. 

Rick offers a complete program that not only focuses on exercise but also nutrition. With regard to nutrition, Rick will ask you to track all of your food. I was provided with a full macro breakdown and what numbers I needed to achieve for each meal along with ideas for meals and snacks. There is no strict diet regiment. If you eat it, you track it. With Rick the focus is learning how to make healthy eating decisions long term. This will not happen overnight and it’s not always easy. Rick's plans are a wealth of information. 

When it comes time to working out with Rick you will never know what he has up his sleeve. He constantly varies exercises and switches up workouts. When this adventure began I never thought I could lift the weight that I am lifting at the moment. Rick believed in me  and pushed me until I was there and then we set new goals and push a little further. I’ve learnt how to properly use weights and exercise equipment and how to improvise if something I need isn’t available. 

Don’t forget though, you will get out what you put in. Rick will be there to give you the tools, knowledge and motivation to succeed. It’s up to you to use them to their fullest. Without hesitation I would recommend Rick to anyone looking for a personal trainer as you will also get a new mind set. 

He is just my mentor.  

Cesar A

Rick is an expert in all facets of health and well being, from reviewing your existing meals and nutrition to training programs and recovery.

It will not matter if you are just starting out on your fitness journey or if you are well established and looking to step things up a notch, Rick will provide everything in a tailored and easy to understand format.

I have trained with several coaches and tested different programs and meal plans but what differentiates Rick is that he is setting you up for a healthy life and not just for a fad diet.

Strap in, open your ears and learn from a master.

Sam B

I never thought I needed a trainer until I met Rick!

Having had the privilege of working with him now for over 8 months I realise he is much more valuable then a trainer, he is someone in your corner pushing you to train sure but he is also an authority on nutrition, training, health and a coach all in one!

The impact he has had on me physically and mentally has been significant! 

Dane A

Rick has helped change my life in many ways.

I used to train often and came  from a sporting background but as often happens I stopped training and worked huge hours and lost focus on the importance of healthy body healthy mind and success.

Since training with Rick my business has increased by 30%, my productivity has  also gone through the roof.

I feel fit strong minded and have laser focus on business and life and family.

Thank you so much.


At the end of last year, I came from one whole year of workouts, weights and mixing of exercises. I was getting my results too slowly so then I decided to ask a personal trainer from Myfitness if she knew a professional that could help me with a personalised nutrition plan and I remember her words: "I totally recommend Rick, He is the best!”

I got in touch with Rick and since I started my nutrition plan, I can’t explain how my body has changed. Incredible in only 3 weeks! Thanks for giving me directions on my food intake, especially because I am vegetarian and was feeling desperate - thinking that I would never get my results. What I can say right now is: I totally recommend Rick, He is the best!

Aline F
Geoff S

From a late 2016 New Year’s Resolution to now (almost a year). I have been training with Rick Brennan, WOW what a difference, physically and mentally. From a person who loves his beer and red wine a little too much. My body looked/felt tired and worn out…

Rick has an amazing ability to push you hard every time and I still loved turning up for the next session. He also managed to implement the food I loved into a daily dietary plan where it wasn’t an effort to eat but in fact it tastes better and I would eat more of it.

Now I have read the "Rick Brennan Fitness” ebook it has given me an understanding on why Rick has been training me the way he does. This will be a great reference book for years to come. This makes the difference when I’m training myself.

What a fun and rewarding 10 months.  Now I have plenty of energy, think clearly and I look and feel great. My wife can see the changes in me and is now is training with Rick. Credit to you Rick, outstanding trainer and now a great friend. Ps. I still can enjoy beer and wine.. lol

Geoff S

It was such an honour having some with such love and passion for the sport to be preparing me for my first men's physique competition. Rick has so much wealth and knowledge in the health and fitness industry, with his methods and training systems we brought to the stage a pretty good package and came away with 2nd place. I have never been in better condition.

Tip R

Well I've been training for 11 years now and thought I trained quite good and I thought I knew enough to hit that next level for my body to reach as I thought I'm well on my way to but in reality was just maintaining my physique and could never get there. Through one training session with Rick, 20 minutes in I knew I wasn't training nearly hard enough or smart enough it was a big wakeup call I soon realised following everything Rick was telling me I would give it 100% and soon enough the results showed. To find that target for each muscle to reach its potential is what your always looking for, I was buggered after 20 minutes, it was how he trained me I was impressed and soon realised after only a few weeks he set me up with a complete breakdown of exercises, reps and sets for each muscle group, HIIT training and a complete well thought out diet to suit me to reach my potential goals I was showing immediate results. Through amazing guidance of Ricks wealth of knowledge of the fitness industry and your own dedication, this is a unstoppable recipe to success

During my late teens I was always so unhappy with the way I looked and how it made me feel in my everyday life. I was constantly trying to lose fat through fad diets, ‘magic’ detox teas, supplements and hated cardio. Nothing worked and I was convinced that I was always going to look that way and that I was just not built to have a fit physique like other girls I looked up to.
At 20 years of age, I got in touch with Rick and it changed my life entirely.
Rick provided me with amazing knowledge on nutrition and it has allowed me to drop over 10kg in a short time frame while being flexible with my diet, eating all the foods I love and being social with friends. He has taught me how to nourish my body to feel amazing and train hard and smart in the gym to achieve my goals.
I am now the strongest and leanest I have ever been in my life, my mentality has changed completely, and I am loving the process along the way.
Rick’s support through my fitness and nutrition journey has been incredible and my words can’t thank him enough. He continues to amaze me with his mentorship.
I recommend him to anyone who wants to achieve their fitness goals, improve nutrition or just needs any kind of supporting guidance.. it will change your life
Eliza B
P. Dyer Testimonial Photo
I started using Rick Brennan about 4 months ago. I specifically wanted to improve my ability as a waterman. I am a surfer, Kiter, SUPer, open water ski paddler and lifeguard. All these sports require good power to weight ration and good balance.
Rick designed a program for me that specifically focused on strength, weight, and balance/coordination.
After 4 months I can say the results have been amazing.
I have had the best fun on the water being stronger and having more control.
One big benefit for me has been Rick’s versatility. I travel a lot and it means I can’t always get to a gym, so Rick has designed travel programs for me using elastic bands. This means my travel does not interfere with me achieving my goals. This is incredibly relevant today with gyms closed - I have not missed a beat with my training or my weight goals.
I am 57 years old and I want to say that Rick will give you back at least 10 years.
Thank you Rick

When I came to Rick Brennan I had been training for two years and was struggling to get the results I was after. I asked Rick for a full training and nutrition plan. I said I wanted to put on 10kg of muscle without the fat. I started his program on the 27th of January 2017 and I have already gained 3kg of muscle by the 26th of March 2017. I am finally progressing with my strength and I am constantly lifting more and more weight each week and I am feeling a lot stronger. Since following the nutrition plan I realised how little I knew about the correct foods to eat and portion sizes. I have more energy all day and my body shape is changing in the way I wanted. Rick also gave me a lot of information about my gut health and what I need to do for my body to use all the good food I put into it. Rick gave me a detailed plan of all the vitamins my body needs and the right supplements to take. I was taking a lot of unnecessary supplements and now I take the right supplements that my body needs. The biggest thing I have found with Rick is he has always been there to answer any question I have about my training or my nutrition. He has worked with me to change my plan to suit my lifestyle and affordability. I feel confident about my training after working with Rick and look forward to continue working with him in the future.

Nick St G

I have always been an active person; I used to be a dance teacher, played sports, went to the gym. I've been always a skinny person but was never under my weight. I just couldn’t achieve my goal to put muscle on. I was very against starting a nutrition plan and work out plan; nothing seemed to have worked for me in the past regarding “dieting.”   I’m very glad my curiosity pushed me forward and I have learned that this is not a “diet” but a positive lifestyle change!  Rick helped teach me that foods I thought were “healthy” actually were not.  He gave me meals that was already in my routine but with his knowledge could adapt it for better results with the right portions and making it easier for on the go situations. My schedule is not an easy task to work with when working morning, noon, and nights – Rick was able to give me a lot of pointers and help to keep me motivated and keep going when I was feeling unmotivated to work out from years of training and never seeing the results that I wanted.

After the first week, I started noticing changes and was getting very excited and Rick’s enthusiasm is very contagious! He was very supportive all the time, helping me to understand what my body needs and what it doesn’t, not just giving me meal plans as he was explaining me why and what he was doing, helping me out with my training as well. No doubt that was the best decision I could have made at the time, he is an incredible professional with a lot of experience which made me feel much more confident for the effort I was doing. The easiest program I have ever tried and with fast results! I would recommend Rick for sure. Anyone who gets the chance to work with him is very lucky. Success doesn’t come easy, it's your choice to make the moves, and if you have the right support and motivation it becomes much more easy. Thanks Rick

Julya B

I had a goal of stepping on stage to compete with a dream of success. Not only did I win but I learnt so much along the way that I can carry with me for a lifetime. Knowledge is the key to success and with Ricks guidance I had the key to achieving my goal.


Working with Rick over the past few years has opened my eyes to the endless opportunities we can create. I achieved what I had previously thought was unachievable and now believe nothing is out of my reach. Ricks knowledge of nutrition and the mechanics of the body and how it responds to different styles of training has allowed me to achieve the fittest the healthiest version of myself.


Words cannot explain how incredibly passionate and motivating Rick is as a trainer. He is not only the ultimate professional, he makes our sessions together educational and we always have a good time too! I wouldn’t have been able to achieve my fitness goals without Rick’s ongoing support & guidance. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone looking to create a positive change in their life.


I tried fad diets which were a quick fix & usually resulted in weight loss, but then was followed by an even bigger weight gain. I exercised, but wasn’t getting the results I wanted so became disillusioned with the whole process. I was treading water & getting nowhere. I avoided cameras & mirrors at all costs.
The crux for me came when I saw a photograph of myself at a family function & didn’t recognise the woman staring back at me & I felt disgusted & frustrated.
I had no self confidence, but in that moment I decided to join a gym & engage a personal trainer as I needed help & direction & I was going to do whatever it took to lose weight, get fit & achieve the results I wanted. Initially i felt so exposed, hesitant & so far out of my comfort zone but I knew once I had set things in motion, there was no turning back.
Fortunately for me I was referred to Rick.

Rick’s passion, dedication, knowledge & enthusiasm for what he does is infectious, he made me believe I could achieve my goals. He created a personal nutrition & training plan for me & he explained every aspect of them both in detail so I had a thorough understanding of “what, how & why” was involved.
He didn’t just “set & forget” he followed up regularly & was genuinely interested in my progress & that kept my determination to succeed firing. My results started to show rapidly & my significant weight loss & fitness levels kicked in. Rick’s support has meant I haven’t looked back. I am finally in a place where I am confident & happy with the results I have achieved which I would not have, if I weren’t under Rick’s guidance.
Anyone who is looking for a personal trainer who is genuine, experienced, approachable & goes the extra mile for you , then I can’t recommend Rick highly enough. He is a true professional & thanks to him I feel better, stronger & fitter than I ever have & now I love the gym.
The hardest part of any new change in your life is starting! If you are looking for a positive life change, then Rick is a great place to start. He will help you achieve your goals & change your life for the better too.
I can’t thank him enough.