Personalised Nutrition Plan

nutrition plan based on your
specific needs, goals, food preferences and lifestyle

Rick’s years of experience as a qualified sports nutrition specialist enables him to help you cement and maintain healthy long-term eating habits through his personalised nutrition plans.

Every one of Rick’s nutrition plans incorporates the desired macros for each client making sure you consume good quality fats, carbohydrates and protein. These elements fuel your body to give you sustained energy, quality thought patterns and overall well-being.

Knowledge is the key to healthy eating. Let Rick take the guesswork out of day to day macronutrient and meal planning. He will show you the pathway to success by revealing what food you consume can have the biggest impact on any transformation.

  • Specifically tailored to each individual’s lifestyle, goals and needs
  • Shares with each individual the foundations to continue with your healthy lifestyle for good
  • Increased energy, improved metabolism and high functioning thyroid plans
  • Macro broken down plans
  • Plans that have proven to work time and time again




Honest feedback from customers who purchased this package.


Turning 50 I knew it was time to start looking after myself so with the guidance of Rick by my side I set about finding a new healthier version of myself. I dropped well over 10kgs in the first few months training with Rick and following his calorie controlled nutrition plans which has allowed me to still live my busy lifestyle and achieve lifestyle fitness goals and never look back. As a busy property developer in the past I have neglected myself in pursuit of business success but as Rick has taught me it’s all about finding a life balance.

Julya B

I have always been an active person; I used to be a dance teacher, played sports, went to the gym. I've been always a skinny person but was never under my weight. I just couldn’t achieve my goal to put muscle on. I was very against starting a nutrition plan and work out plan; nothing seemed to have worked for me in the past regarding “dieting.”   I’m very glad my curiosity pushed me forward and I have learned that this is not a “diet” but a positive lifestyle change!  Rick helped teach me that foods I thought were “healthy” actually were not.  He gave me meals that was already in my routine but with his knowledge could adapt it for better results with the right portions and making it easier for on the go situations. My schedule is not an easy task to work with when working morning, noon, and nights – Rick was able to give me a lot of pointers and help to keep me motivated and keep going when I was feeling unmotivated to work out from years of training and never seeing the results that I wanted.

After the first week, I started noticing changes and was getting very excited and Rick’s enthusiasm is very contagious! He was very supportive all the time, helping me to understand what my body needs and what it doesn’t, not just giving me meal plans as he was explaining me why and what he was doing, helping me out with my training as well. No doubt that was the best decision I could have made at the time, he is an incredible professional with a lot of experience which made me feel much more confident for the effort I was doing. The easiest program I have ever tried and with fast results! I would recommend Rick for sure. Anyone who gets the chance to work with him is very lucky. Success doesn’t come easy, it's your choice to make the moves, and if you have the right support and motivation it becomes much more easy. Thanks Rick.


Well I've been training for 11 years now and thought I trained quite good and I thought I knew enough to hit that next level for my body to reach as I thought I'm well on my way to but in reality was just maintaining my physique and could never get there. Through one training session with Rick, 20 minutes in I knew I wasn't training nearly hard enough or smart enough it was a big wakeup call I soon realised following everything Rick was telling me I would give it 100% and soon enough the results showed. To find that target for each muscle to reach its potential is what your always looking for, I was buggered after 20 minutes, it was how he trained me I was impressed and soon realised after only a few weeks he set me up with a complete breakdown of exercises, reps and sets for each muscle group, HIIT training and a complete well thought out diet to suit me to reach my potential goals I was showing immediate results. Through amazing guidance of Ricks wealth of knowledge of the fitness industry and your own dedication this is a unstoppable recipe to success!


Working in a high pressure Corporate Industry I found over the year’s gradual weight gain and lower back issues from long hours behind a computer.

My back issues were compounded by a car accident several years ago. I decided to join a local gym to try and improve my fitness and loose some of the unwanted kilos. After a few years, I realised that I was not really getting anywhere! I had no real direction with my gym work outs and had no real understanding of nutrition.

I had always avoided personal trainers as I was concerned about my back injury. There was a particular lady who worked at my gym and I asked her what she was doing to achieve her amazing body transformation.

She mentioned that she had started seeing a personal trainer by the name of Rick Brennan who tailored individual programmes. I mentioned that I was nervous to take this first step and had concerns about my back problems. She assured me Rick was very approachable and had the ability to help me.

After much hesitation I contacted Rick and from our first meeting he gave me the confidence to trust in his experience and recommendations for a training and nutrition programme. I credit Rick for helping me change my body shape and his ability to tailor exercises around my back issues which are now almost non-existent. My only regret is that I did not contact Rick sooner!! Much Appreciation


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