Exclusive Personal Training Gold Coast

Hands on personalised training
(Gold Coast, AUS only)

25 years of knowledge & experience to guide you to achieve your goals:

  • Over 25 year’s experience in the industry
  • Rehabilitation experience
  • Body Transformation specialist
  • Enhancing your sporting ability through strength and resistance training
  • Tailored to suit individual needs and goals
  • Providing individuals the knowledge to perfect their training techniques and methods
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach

Receive your Gold Coast personal training program and train in person with Rick with his undivided attention.

Whether your goal is to lose fat, gain muscle, gain strength and mobility, or rehab an injury. Rick’s expertise, vast knowledge and experience attained from over 2 decades of training and competing as a professional athlete will ensure you’re in the best hands possible to reach your full potential.

*Price will differ based on session times and when training 2 or more clients.



*Prices start at $135 and will differ based on session times and number of persons training


Sophie de S

In 2016 I had been suffering with a bulging disc for about 18 months and wasn’t able to train the way I used to because of intense pain. So, I was feeling pretty unhappy and was considering back surgery. I then read about success Rick had achieved with a client who had a lower back disc injury. From our first PT session, Rick adapted my training to ensure no strain was put on my back but made sure I was still able to train effectively; building strength and improving my range of movement. Rick also wrote a specialized nutrition plan and training program for me to complete on my own. In less than 3 months I felt relief from the daily back pain and I am now able to train without any restriction. I highly recommend Rick to anyone considering him as a PT; his experience and knowledge of training and nutrition is extensive and he always goes above and beyond in every session.

Phillip S

Rick is a professional, gifted trainer and communicator. He has enabled me to gain strength and confidence through his training techniques. He approaches my individual routine in a way that incorporates humour and instills in me a degree of diligence and confidence that until now has been lacking in my training.

I now look forward to training and at the end of a session I am physically drained and mentally alive and positive. Rick is particularly good at feedback, which is not the case with most personal trainers and he keeps me motivated during and after the workout.

His knowledge and communication skills are such that I am becoming more in tune with my body’s functionality and can feel and see the differences that his training techniques have produced

Tip R

It was such an honour having some with such love and passion for the sport to be preparing me for my first men's physique competition. Rick has so much wealth and knowledge in the health and fitness industry, with his methods and training systems we brought to the stage a pretty good package and came away with 2nd place. I have never been in better condition.


I had a goal of stepping on stage to compete with a dream of success. Not only did I win but I learnt so much along the way that I can carry with me for a lifetime. Knowledge is the key to success and with Ricks guidance I had the key to achieving my goal.

Geoff S

From a late 2016 New Year’s Resolution to now (almost a year). I have been training with Rick Brennan, WOW what a difference, physically and mentally. From a person who loves his beer and red wine a little too much. My body looked/felt tired and worn out…

Rick has an amazing ability to push you hard every time and I still loved turning up for the next session. He also managed to implement the food I loved into a daily dietary plan where it wasn’t an effort to eat but in fact it tastes better and I would eat more of it.

Now I have read the "Rick Brennan Fitness” ebook it has given me an understanding on why Rick has been training me the way he does. This will be a great reference book for years to come. This makes the difference when I’m training myself.

What a fun and rewarding 10 months.  Now I have plenty of energy, think clearly and I look and feel great. My wife can see the changes in me and is now is training with Rick. Credit to you Rick, outstanding trainer and now a great friend. Ps. I still can enjoy beer and wine.. lol


From my initial consultation, Rick put me at ease with his relaxed yet professional nature. His knowledge of injury, rehabilitation, fitness and conditioning is second to none. Rick put me back on track strengthening my core and improving my posture as well as my physique. I would not hesitate to recommend Rick to anyone, young or old, fit or to those looking to start a new regime. He is a true guru!


Words cannot explain how incredibly passionate and motivating Rick is as a trainer. He is not only the ultimate professional, he makes our sessions together educational and we always have a good time too! I wouldn’t have been able to achieve my fitness goals without Rick’s ongoing support & guidance. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone looking to create a positive change in their life.


Some of Rick's clients who got great results from this package.

Be the best version of you!

Train in person with Rick to ensure you hit your goals as efficiently as possible. Spots are very limited so enquire now for your best chance!





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