Nutrition Macro tracking &
be your best you ebook

Are you ready to become the best version of you?

Are you ready to become the best version of you?
I just finished your book, BE YOUR BEST YOU. I just wanted you to know the impact I feel your book will have on me. Love this book. It’s a workbook type that makes you really put what you read to work & really think. Great tool for goal setting & reaching new heights. After reading your book, I quickly realized that I had no short or long term goals. I sat down and completed them after much thought. It is after reading your book that I feel that there is nothing to stand in my way in the gym or at work to sustain my health in my forties. I also have the new perspective at how I am to look at building my body and keeping healthy. I want to say thanks to you for the inspiration! Your positive outlook is inspiring to me and I am sure many others. I hope to read more of your books in the future"

Very informative book! What is great with Rick is the fact that you know you have a very long way to go until you have learned enough. This book is the best guideline ever for any person who wants to learn about training and nutrition in a simple way. It is well organised so you can research the topic you are interested in. The book was great to read and easy to understand. Also, for those like me who are trying to become a personal trainer with advanced knowledges, this book offers the possibility to go beyond simple nutrition and training facts and theories and you are able to understand much more about the functions of the human body. As always, excellence! Thank you, Rick

Nutrition Macro tracking &
be your best you ebook

Custom macros allowing adjustments in future as needed
Ability to enter all the food you eat to help track your macros each day
Be Your Best You - eBook
MyFitness Pal integration
Progress tracking
Ongoing support and accountability


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Your Best You - A Holistic Approach To Health and Fitness.

A holistic approach to self improvement, giving you the blueprints to achieve your goals. Over 30 years of experience and knowledge compiled into one eBook giving you a greater insight on how to be the best version of yourself

"I have known Rick for a number of years and he has always been the "go to" guy for fitness advice and training. However, I had little idea at just how, in depth, his knowledge is on all things nutrition and gut health. The book "Be The Best You" is quite a read. It offers so many insights into the optimum microbiome of the body. For example, I had never heard of prebiotic fibre and Rick explained it in, pardon the pun, easy to digest, language, that made me understand and appreciate the importance of gut health. The book allowed me to integrate his specialist knowledge into my health regimen and I am now so much more attune to my body's nutritional needs. Something that I, and my body, have grown to appreciate. I unreservedly recommend "Be Your Best You." It will change the emphasis on what nutrition really means and the impact that it has on your life..



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I first started training with Rick when I landed in Gold Coast to film a movie for Netflix called A PERFECT PAIRING. I had been traveling a fair bit and wasn’t in the best of shape and I didn’t have much time to work with. Thankfully Rick was highly recommended to me because of the  experience and knowledge he has over an extremely, successful career we were able to reach a physical transformation for the role that I was over the moon with. Especially considering the limit time we had. The sessions were intense yet calculated around what shape we wanted to achieve and also safe, so to prevent any injuries. Some of the smartest and most incredible sessions I’ve ever done – the man is a genius. He also looked after my nutrition which played a huge part in getting to where I wanted and beyond. Having Rick look after the training and nutrition allowed me to then feel extremely relaxed and comfortable on set and then just focus on the work.

On top of that what followed was a new found enthusiasm and passion for training based on what he teaches me and lessons that I have continued to embrace. Most importantly Rick himself is a great bloke who really cares about his clients and it was always an amazing time to get to spend together training and chatting. Can’t wait to get back and work on the next movie together.

Adam Demos - Actor

Getting it touch with Rick changed my life entirely. Rick has provided me with amazing knowledge on nutrition and training over the past 2 years. He has taught me how to nourish my body to feel amazing and train hard and smart in the gym to achieve my goals and be the healthiest I have ever been.

Rick’s support through my fitness and nutrition journey has been incredible and my words can’t thank him enough. He continues to amaze me with his mentorship.
I recommend him to anyone who wants to achieve their fitness goals, improve nutrition or just needs any kind of supporting guidance.. it will change your life

Eliza B

Rick has an incredible wealth of knowledge and my experience with him has been second to none. I have worked with other trainers and in particular online trainers, I can honestly say that Rick is by far the best I’ve worked with. I have learnt more off Rick in 2 months than with others in 20 years.

I couldn’t recommend Rick more highly.

Ben R

I’ve worked with trainers all over the world – Rick is one of the best. He’s a phenomenal trainer – extremely knowledgeable & professional – with a detail-oriented dedication that makes meeting goals more immediately attainable if you’re willing to put in the work. Excellent results. He tailored my program to my needs and goals, pushing me, but never over-doing it. His nutrition & supplement knowledge is also a massive plus. He’s a lovely guy to boot – can’t recommend highly enough.

Alex G