Professional Athlete, Motivational Speaker, Nutrition and Online Fitness Coach

Rick has a deeply ingrained passion in helping others achieve what many may think is the unachievable. With a career spanning over 30 years worldwide in the health and fitness industry there is not much that Rick has not seen or achieved as an athlete and coach. He understands that to perform at peak levels you have to be functioning at your optimum, not only physically but also mentally. Rick has a deep understanding on how intrinsically these two things go hand in hand to see life changing results.

Rick has changed thousands of lives physically but also through an individual's mindset. Rick understands that each person is unique and has their own drivers for success, his philosophy is that we are all capable of achieving what we think is the unachievable, it is the strategies and self-belief that we utilise that enables achievement of those goals.

Nutrition has always been high on Rick's list to establishing a long and healthy lifestyle. He is a firm believer that what we eat directly affects our performance on a day to day basis and that by fuelling our bodies with the right nutrients at the right times we see vastly different results. This is what drives him to always further his studies to the ever-changing nutritional needs of society today.

All of Rick's experiences have given him invaluable insight to what it takes to reach the pinnacle of any personal or professional goal. The reason for Ricks success is simple, he has a true passion for helping others, his knowledge, motivation, and passion is what drives people to work with him, with some clients continuing to work with him for over 15 years. Rick believes that personal wellbeing is paramount to achieving any personal or professional success and understands that being healthy individuals this ultimately leads to engaged, motivated and productive people who are the best version of themselves.

When working with Rick his ability to motivate every individual and his passion for functioning at our optimum is infectious naturally fueling every person to strive to be a better version of themselves every day! Rick ensures accountability to outcomes as well as sharing his knowledge and educating so each person has the tools long term to maintain and sustain results. If we look and feel our best both physically and mentally then we experience increased productivity and performance in all aspects of life.

Rick's certifications

  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Certified Sports Nutritionist
  • Advanced Certificate of Nutrition and Diet
  • Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor
  • CBT Practitioner 
  • NLP Practitioner

Why Rick is different to the rest

All of Rick's coaching programs have been tried and tested by Rick and his clients! Rick knows how to get results and tailors your programs based on your individual needs and wants. Rick tailors all programs specifically to achieve your desired outcomes, there are no generic training, rehabilitation or nutritional programs here. All programs take into account your height, weight, age, ability, lifestyle, experience and goals at all times.

10 reasons to choose Rick to coach you

    • Over 30 years of professional experience
    • Successfully transformed the lives of thousands of clients
    • True passion for helping others achieve their goals
    • Worked alongside the best strength & conditioning coaches around the world
    • Constantly strives to further his own knowledge
    • Knows what works, and will tailor-make a solution that will get you the results you desire
    • No templated, generic plans that simply doesn't work!
    • Personalised & professional solutions tailor-made for your situation & goals
    • Celebrity Trainer
    • National & International competitive physique athlete champion


  • Winner of Australian Body Transformation Champion
  • Winner of Australasian Body Transformation Champion
  • Bodybuilding.com Awarded Trainer
  • QLD Overall Champion
  • Australian Champion
  • Southern Hemisphere Champion
  • World Champion
  • Fitness Professional - PRO card