42 days of fitness for Females

Are you ready to become the best version of you?


If you are working to your maximum potential and dedicating 100% to each workout you will see results through changes to body shape, increased strength and reduction in body fat.

You can link your Fit bit and MyFitness Pal so you can easily track progress of daily goal setting and habit tracking. To ensure that I am kept updated with your training, rate your workouts through the app at the end of each session. You also have ongoing support via direct messaging in the app so you can reach out any time.

Are you ready to become the best version of you?
42 Days of Fitness designed specifically for Females!

Are you looking to grow lean muscle while dropping some excess body fat? This is the program for you as it targets all your major muscle groups through compound and functional exercises and movements.

This effective program is designed in two phases with each phase for 21 days. This program includes three sessions per week with an optional bonus session if you choose.


42 days of fitness for FeMales:

Demonstration videos for every exercise
Direct messaging to your coach for any questions
Includes 3 week phases of progressive and overload strength training program
Strength training
Cardio / HIIT training
Habit tracking
4 workouts per week
Apple Watch, Fit Bit and MyFitness Pal Integration
Easily track your progress through each rep and weight used for success


per week for 6

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Clients will need access to a gym.


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Real People, Real Results

I first started training with Rick when I landed in Gold Coast to film a movie for Netflix called A PERFECT PAIRING. I had been traveling a fair bit and wasn’t in the best of shape and I didn’t have much time to work with. Thankfully Rick was highly recommended to me because of the  experience and knowledge he has over an extremely, successful career we were able to reach a physical transformation for the role that I was over the moon with. Especially considering the limit time we had. The sessions were intense yet calculated around what shape we wanted to achieve and also safe, so to prevent any injuries. Some of the smartest and most incredible sessions I’ve ever done – the man is a genius. He also looked after my nutrition which played a huge part in getting to where I wanted and beyond. Having Rick look after the training and nutrition allowed me to then feel extremely relaxed and comfortable on set and then just focus on the work.

On top of that what followed was a new found enthusiasm and passion for training based on what he teaches me and lessons that I have continued to embrace. Most importantly Rick himself is a great bloke who really cares about his clients and it was always an amazing time to get to spend together training and chatting. Can’t wait to get back and work on the next movie together.

Adam Demos - Actor

Getting it touch with Rick changed my life entirely. Rick has provided me with amazing knowledge on nutrition and training over the past 2 years. He has taught me how to nourish my body to feel amazing and train hard and smart in the gym to achieve my goals and be the healthiest I have ever been.

Rick’s support through my fitness and nutrition journey has been incredible and my words can’t thank him enough. He continues to amaze me with his mentorship.
I recommend him to anyone who wants to achieve their fitness goals, improve nutrition or just needs any kind of supporting guidance.. it will change your life

Eliza B

Rick has an incredible wealth of knowledge and my experience with him has been second to none. I have worked with other trainers and in particular online trainers, I can honestly say that Rick is by far the best I’ve worked with. I have learnt more off Rick in 2 months than with others in 20 years.

I couldn’t recommend Rick more highly.

Ben R

I’ve worked with trainers all over the world – Rick is one of the best. He’s a phenomenal trainer – extremely knowledgeable & professional – with a detail-oriented dedication that makes meeting goals more immediately attainable if you’re willing to put in the work. Excellent results. He tailored my program to my needs and goals, pushing me, but never over-doing it. His nutrition & supplement knowledge is also a massive plus. He’s a lovely guy to boot – can’t recommend highly enough.

Alex G